Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yesterday I had the day off because it was national Indian Day. Yes that is a real holiday. And one of the perks of working for a tribal gaming commission is getting the day off. So Jeremy, Jamie and I headed to Oceanside with our bikes and rode from Oceanside to Carlsbad. (26 miles) It wasn’t as physically demanding as I had anticipated but actually rather fulfilling. Because even though I was riding with friends, 99.5% of the time I was in solitude with my own thoughts. It’s an ideal time to talk to God about what’s on your heart, meditate on scripture or listen to worship music and sing loudly as people give you funny glances. All in all, yesterday was the best experience I’ve had traveling an extensive distance in a long time. Since 2005 when I hiked 33 miles through Buckmann’s Gulch in Utah. There’s something about physically stretching yourself that also educes a stretching of your inter being. I also realized how little time I have for such activities. People have asked my to help out with church activities and its hard for me to say no. I really enjoy helping and all of these things are good things. So I’ve just said yes to everything. In the gospel of Mark there’s a story about when Jesus was in Capernaum teaching and healing the people of the village. During this time Jesus went to pray and be alone. The next day the disciples found him and asked what he was doing alone, for all the village had been looking for him. Jesus answered them by saying lets go. Lets continue on. So they continued from village to village and ultimately Jerusalem. The reason Capernaum was looking for Jesus was because there were still so many people that needed healing. If Jesus stayed he could have done so much more. But he said no. He said no because he already said yes to something else. He already said yes to dying for us all. So he continued to Jerusalem.

I’ve been feeling that I’ve said yes to so much that I don’t have time to have a healthy balanced relationship with God. Something that I’ve said yes to before but have been distracted from by the things that I’ve said yes to after. I want that to change.

Do I have too much on my plate?


Dorothy said...

i don't think you have. just don't give up the things you love. unless you think you fooled yourself into loving them.

Anonymous said...

just hang out with mike dude.

Life will work itself out.